Utah & Colorado

Utah & Colorado


  • The historic Uravan area of Colorado and Utah has provided uranium and vanadium for the Unites States for many decades.
  • Fermi has located and staked unpatented mining claims in and around historic mines, as well as on extensions of known ore channels.
  • Fermi has also acquired a mineral lease on the Pitchfork Mine, a past-producing mine in the Uravan Belt.

Location and Description

The Uravan Project consists of 12 widespread mining claim blocks over westernmost Montrose and San Miguel Counties in Colorado’s Uravan Mineral Belt and easternmost San Juan County in Utah’s Lisbon Valley Mineral Belt.  The project is spread throughout 40 miles north-south and  25 miles in an east-west orientation, approximately 220 miles southwest of Denver, Colorado, and 350 miles southeast of Salt Lake City Utah.

Radioactive mineralization contained in Uranium and Vanadium deposits, within the Uravan Mineral Belt, was discovered in the late 1800’s. In the early 1900’s, Madame Curie lived and worked for a time at a location within the eastern portion of Paradox Valley. Her experiments with radium and the development of her understanding of radioactivity were possible because of the available resources found in this area.

Sporadic mining continued during the early 1900’s. Vanadium ores were mined and processed in the 1930’s, used to form alloys of steel and iron. Union Carbide Nuclear Corporation explored and mined deposits in the Uravan Mineral Belt from the 1950’s to the 1980’s.

A report by William L. Chenoweth, “The Uranium-Vanadium Deposits of the Uravan Mineral Belt and Adjacent Area, Colorado and Utah,” published in the New Mexico Geological Society Guidebook, 32nd Field Conference, 1981, describes the above in detail.  This report can be made available upon request.

Geology and Resource Potential

Jurassic Morrison Formation

The Salt Wash members of the Morrison formation, Jurassic age, are the host-rocks of the uranium-vanadium mineralization in the Uravan Mineral Belt. The Salt Wash members are defined as fluvial paleo-channels derived from the erosion of highland areas in south-central Utah. Significant carbonaceous material was present within these units that allowed for the precipitation of uranium and vanadium minerals, in part, on coalified plant remains.

The Company has a compilation of numerous technical reports, data, and resource estimates. In addition, there is readily available published information such as data, reports and maps, including considerable compilation of mining, exploration and development by the Department of Energy (DOE) offices in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Uravan Mineral Belt Landscape


Uravan Regional Claims Map - Fermi Uranium Corp

The Company maintains 177 unpatented mining claims for the Uravan Project:

  1. Brush (14)
  2. Dox (12)
  3. Saw (8)
  4. Fawn (10)
  5. CM (10)
  6. Gyp2 (23)
  7. HRM (8)
  8. Slick (20)
  9. Thief (14)
  10. La Sal (21)
  11. Buck (37)

*See also the Uravan Pitchfork Mine.

Technical Report

Uravan Claims List

Claim NameBLM Serial #Date of Location
Brush 1CO1057719494/29/22
Brush 2CO1057719504/29/22
Brush 3CO1057719514/29/22
Brush 4CO1057719524/29/22
Brush 5CO1057719534/29/22
Brush 6CO1057719544/29/22
Brush 7CO1057719554/29/22
Brush 8CO1057719564/29/22
Brush 9CO1057719574/29/22
Brush 10CO1057719584/29/22
Brush 11CO1057719594/29/22
Brush 12CO1057719604/29/22
Brush 13CO1057719614/29/22
Brush 14CO1057719624/29/22
Dox 1CO1057719734/16/22
Dox 2CO1057719744/16/22
Dox 3CO1057719754/16/22
Dox 4CO1057719764/16/22
Dox 5CO1057719774/16/22
Dox 6CO1057719784/16/22
Dox 7CO1057719794/16/22
Dox 8CO1057719804/16/22
Dox 9CO1057719814/16/22
Dox 10CO1057719824/16/22
Dox 11CO1057719834/16/22
Dox 12CO1057719844/16/22
Saw 1CO1057720264/11/22
Saw 2CO1057720274/11/22
Saw 3CO1057720284/11/22
Saw 4CO1057720294/11/22
Saw 5CO1057720304/13/22
Saw 6CO1057720314/13/22
Saw 7CO1057720324/13/22
Saw 8CO1057720334/13/22
Fawn 1CO1057719854/17/22
Fawn 2CO1057719864/17/22
Fawn 3CO1057719874/17/22
Fawn 4CO1057719884/17/22
Fawn 5CO1057719894/17/22
Fawn 6CO1057719904/17/22
Fawn 7CO1057719914/17/22
Fawn 8CO1057719924/17/22
Fawn 9CO1057719934/17/22
Fawn 10CO1057719944/17/22
CM 1CO1057719634/24/22
CM 2CO1057719644/24/22
CM 3CO1057719654/24/22
CM 4CO1057719664/24/22
CM 5CO1057719674/24/22
CM 6CO1057719684/24/22
CM 7CO1057719694/24/22
CM 8CO1057719704/24/22
CM 9CO1057719714/24/22
CM 10CO1057719724/24/22
GYP2 1CO1057719954/19/22
GYP2 2CO1057719964/19/22
GYP2 3CO1057719974/18/22
GYP2 4CO1057719984/18/22
GYP2 5CO1057719994/18/22
GYP2 6CO1057720004/18/22
GYP2 7CO1057720014/18/22
GYP2 8CO1057720024/18/22
GYP2 9CO1057720034/18/22
GYP2 10CO1057720044/18/22
GYP2 11CO1057720054/18/22
GYP2 12CO1057720064/18/22
GYP2 13CO1057720074/18/22
GYP2 14CO1057720084/18/22
GYP2 15CO1057720094/18/22
GYP2 16CO1057720104/18/22
GYP2 17CO1057720114/18/22
GYP2 18CO1057720124/20/22
GYP2 19CO1057720134/20/22
GYP2 20CO1057720144/20/22
GYP2 21CO1057720154/20/22
GYP2 22CO1057720164/20/22
GYP2 23CO1057720174/20/22
HRM 1CO1057720184/25/22
HRM 2CO1057720194/25/22
HRM 3CO1057720204/25/22
HRM 4CO1057720214/25/22
HRM 5CO1057720224/25/22
HRM 6CO1057720234/25/22
HRM 7CO1057720244/25/22
HRM 8CO1057720254/25/22
Slick 1CO1057720344/23/22
Slick 2CO1057720354/23/22
Slick 3CO1057720364/23/22
Slick 4CO1057720374/23/22
Slick 5CO1057720384/23/22
Slick 6CO1057720394/23/22
Slick 7CO1057720404/23/22
Slick 8CO1057720414/23/22
Slick 9CO1057720424/23/22
Slick 10CO1057720434/21/22
Slick 11CO1057720444/21/22
Slick 12CO1057720454/23/22
Slick 13CO1057720464/23/22
Slick 14CO1057720474/23/22
Slick 15CO1057720484/23/22
Slick 16CO1057720494/23/22
Slick 17CO1057720504/23/22
Slick 18CO1057720514/23/22
Slick 19CO1057720524/21/22
Slick 20CO1057720534/21/22
Thief 1CO1057720544/14/22
Thief 2CO1057720554/14/22
Thief 3CO1057720564/14/22
Thief 4CO1057720574/14/22
Thief 5CO1057720584/14/22
Thief 6CO1057720594/14/22
Thief 7CO1057720604/14/22
Thief 8CO1057720614/14/22
Thief 9CO1057720624/14/22
Thief 10CO1057720634/14/22
Thief 11CO1057720644/15/22
Thief 12CO1057720654/15/22
Thief 13CO1057720664/15/22
Thief 14CO1057720674/15/22
La Sal 2UT1057721014/28/22
La Sal 3UT1057721024/28/22
La Sal 4UT1057721034/28/22
La Sal 5UT1057721044/28/22
La Sal 6UT1057721054/28/22
La Sal 7UT1057721064/28/22
La Sal 8UT1057721074/28/22
La Sal 9UT1057721084/28/22
La Sal 10UT1057721094/28/22
La Sal 11UT1057721104/28/22
La Sal 12UT1057721114/28/22
La Sal 13UT1057721124/28/22
La Sal 14UT1057721134/28/22
La Sal 15UT1057721144/28/22
La Sal 16UT1057721154/28/22
La Sal 17UT1057721164/28/22
La Sal 18UT1057721174/28/22
La Sal 19UT1057721184/28/22
La Sal 20UT1057721194/28/22
La Sal 21UT1057721204/28/22
La Sal 22UT1057721214/28/22
Buck 1UT1057721224/26/22
Buck 2UT1057721234/26/22
Buck 3UT1057721244/26/22
Buck 4UT1057721254/27/22
Buck 5UT1057721264/27/22
Buck 6UT1057721274/27/22
Buck 7UT1057721284/27/22
Buck 8UT1057721294/27/22
Buck 9UT1057721304/27/22
Buck 10UT1057721314/26/22
Buck 11UT1057721324/26/22
Buck 12UT1057721334/26/22
Buck 13UT1057721344/27/22
Buck 14UT1057721354/27/22
Buck 15UT1057721364/27/22
Buck 16UT1057721374/27/22
Buck 17UT1057721384/27/22
Buck 18UT1057721394/27/22
Buck 19UT1057721404/26/22
Buck 20UT1057721414/26/22
Buck 21UT1057721424/26/22
Buck 22UT1057721434/26/22
Buck 23UT1057721444/26/22
Buck 24UT1057721454/26/22
Buck 25UT1057721464/27/22
Buck 26UT1057721474/27/22
Buck 27UT1057721484/27/22
Buck 28UT1057721494/27/22
Buck 29UT1057721504/27/22
Buck 30UT1057721514/26/22
Buck 31UT1057721524/26/22
Buck 32UT1057721534/26/22
Buck 33UT1057721544/27/22
Buck 34UT1057721554/27/22
Buck 35UT1057721564/26/22
Buck 36UT1057721574/26/22
Buck 37UT1057721584/26/22