Fermi Uranium Corp.

Building toward a secure and sustainable energy future.

Who We Are

We believe nuclear energy will play a major role in combating climate change, and we think secure supplies of domestic-sourced uranium are essential in this effort. We're working to help provide uranium for a new generation of safe nuclear reactors. We believe now is the time to deliver on the dream of low-cost, emission-free electricity.

As a U.S.-based uranium exploration and development company, Fermi Uranium Corp. is striving to be part of the climate reduction story through discovery and development of new, secure sources of uranium located in the Western United States. We have assembled a team of experts and a portfolio of projects that we believe can deliver important new supplies of domestic uranium for emission-free power generation.

We are planning all our mineral extraction to be carbon neutral through the use of renewable energy onsite, and through purchase of certified carbon credits or generation of our own.  We are committed to responsible project development using best industry practices in our work. Please review the materials we have assembled to learn more about our current key projects and plans. 

The Benefits of Renewable Energy

Nuclear energy has high energy density. The amount of energy contained in a one-inch-tall pellet of uranium fuel would power a home for two and a half months. By contrast, it would require 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas, 120 gallons of oil, or 2,000 pounds of coal.

  • 1

    Uranium Pellet

  • 2,000

    Pounds of Coal

  • 120

    Gallons of Oil

  • 17,000

    of natural gas