New Fork Valley


Sublette County


  • Roll-front uranium targets in an under-explored tertiary basin with a high potential for hosting uranium resources.
  • If economic uranium mineralization is discovered, these projects would be amenable for uranium recovery via low impact, in-situ recovery methods.

Location & History

The New Fork Valley project is located in Sublette County, Wyoming, located 20 miles south of Pinedale, Wyoming.

Geology & Mineralization

The target area is an under-explored tertiary basin in Wyoming with a high potential for hosting uranium resources.

According to technical reports provided, the New Fork Valley project represents a viable greenfield-level, conceptual target for a uranium exploration project focused on the discovery and development of in-situ-type recovery of uranium. A dedicated effort has been recommended to realize the uranium potential of the property by airborne geophysics, followed by confirmation drilling, and resource modeling.

Investor Information

Lease #Term ExpirationLegal
0-4370012/1/32T29N R109W Sec 36 ALL
0-4369912/1/32T30N R109W Sec 16 ALL
0-4369412/1/32T29N R108W Sec 16 ALL
0-4369712/1/32T29N R109W Sec 16 ALL
0-4369612/1/32T31N R110W Sec 36 ALL
0-4369512/1/32T28N R108W Sec 16 ALl
0-4369812/1/32T30N R109W Sec 36 ALl
Claim NameBLM Serial #Date of Location
GR 1WY10580820310/20/22
GR 2WY10580820410/20/22
GR 3WY10580820510/20/22
GR 4WY10580820610/20/22
GR 5WY10580820710/20/22
GR 6WY10580820810/20/22
GR 7WY10580820910/20/22
GR 8WY10580821010/20/22
GR 9WY10580821110/20/22
GR 10WY10580821210/20/22
GR 11WY10580821310/20/22
GR 12WY10580821410/20/22
GR 13WY10580821510/22/22
GR 14WY10580821610/20/22
GR 15WY10580821710/22/22
GR 16WY10580821810/22/22
GR 17WY10580821910/22/22
GR 18WY10580822010/22/22
GR 19WY10580822110/20/22
GR 20WY10580822210/22/22
GR 21WY10580822310/22/22
GR 22WY10580822410/22/22
GR 23WY10580822510/22/22
GR 24WY10580822610/22/22
GR 25WY10580822710/22/22
GR 26WY10580822810/22/22
GR 27WY10580822910/22/22
GR 28WY10580823010/22/22
GR 29WY10580823110/22/22
GR 30WY10580823210/22/22
GR 31WY10580823310/18/22
GR 32WY10580823410/18/22
GR 33WY10580823510/18/22
GR 34WY10580823610/18/22
GR 35WY10580823710/18/22
GR 36WY10580823810/18/22
GR 37WY10580823910/18/22
GR 38WY10580824010/18/22
GR 39WY10580824110/18/22
GR 40WY10580824210/19/22
GR 41WY10580824310/19/22
GR 42WY10580824410/19/22
GR 43WY10580824510/19/22
GR 44WY10580824610/19/22
GR 45WY10580824710/19/22
GR 46WY10580824810/19/22
GR 47WY10580824910/19/22
GR 48WY10580825010/19/22
GR 49WY10580825110/19/22
GR 50WY10580825210/19/22
GR 51WY10580825310/19/22
GR 52WY10580825410/19/22
GR 53WY10580825510/19/22
GR 54WY10580825610/19/22
GR 55WY10580825710/23/22
GR 56WY10580825810/23/22
GR 57WY10580825910/23/22
GR 58WY10580826010/23/22
GR 59WY10580826110/23/22
GR 60WY10580826210/23/22
GR 61WY10580826310/23/22
GR 62WY10580826410/23/22
GR 63WY10580826510/23/22
GR 64WY10580826610/23/22
GR 65WY10580826710/23/22
GR 66WY10580826810/23/22
GR 67WY10580826910/23/22
GR 68WY10580827010/25/22
GR 69WY10580827110/25/22
GR 70WY10580827210/25/22
GR 71WY10580827310/23/22
GR 72WY10580827410/25/22
GR 73WY10580827510/25/22
GR 74WY10580827610/25/22
GR 75WY10580827710/23/22
GR 76WY10580827810/25/22
GR 77WY10580827910/25/22
GR 78WY10580828010/25/22
GR 79WY10580828110/23/22
GR 80WY10580828210/25/22
GR 81WY10580828310/25/22
GR 82WY10580828410/25/22
GR 83WY10580828510/24/22
GR 84WY10580828610/24/22
GR 85WY10580828710/24/22
GR 86WY10580828810/24/22
GR 87WY10580828910/24/22
GR 88WY10580829010/24/22
GR 89WY10580829110/24/22
GR 90WY10580829210/24/22
GR 91WY10580829310/24/22
GR 92WY10580829410/24/22
GR 93WY10580829510/24/22
GR 94WY10580829610/24/22
GR 95WY10580829710/24/22
GR 96WY10580829810/24/22
GR 97WY10580829910/24/22
GR 98WY10580830010/24/22